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Being a TV addict, and trust me I am, I have been overjoyed by the amount of positive disability programmes gracing our screens at the moment.

Let us start, of course, with the fashionably gay Gok Wan and his How to Look Good Naked… With a Difference. And a blooming brilliant difference at that, building the body confidence of women struggling not only with the usual hang-ups, but also society’s views, and their own harsh judgements, on their disabilities.

Then there was Dancing On Wheels, where six wheelchair users were paired with able-bodied celebrities to dance their hearts out in a bid to win a place at the Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships.

Dancing on Wheels - image -

Heather Mills did her stint on Dancing on Ice, talking openly about the difficulties of having a prosthetic leg and learning not only to skate, but trying to master complex tricks. With the fresh glow of fame still on her she also exposed her personality, warts and all, on the psychological series Shrink Rap. Whether this harmed or helped her much-hated persona is anyone’s guess?

Heather Mills - Dancing on Ice - image -

And of course we musn’t forget the inclusion of three characters with disabilities in much-loved soaps: Adam Best in the shady streets of EastEnders, Hayley Ramsey in the pubescent village of Hollyoaks, and Lizzie Lakely in the farming town of Emmerdale was the first regular blind character in a UK soap.

How to Look Good Naked With a Difference - image -

All this comes to the sum point that finally society is taking notice of people with disabilities. No more of this hiding away, being typecast as sad characters, traped in tragic storylines. People with disabilities are being potrayed as ‘normal’ – whatever that means! It seems we’re starting to break down those social boundaries, knocking on the heads of the ignorant, sporting a banner declaring ‘anything you can do we can do better!’

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  1. 5kidswdisabilities replied:

    I was pleasantly surprised watching the movie Valentine’s Day that there were several individuals with disabilities in minor speaking roles AND the press conference at the end included a sign language interpreter. GO GARY MARSHALL!!!

    Lindsey Petersen

    • lizransome replied:

      Hi Lindsey

      Thank you for your comment and for the heads-up; I will have to go and see it asap, and blog about it of course! Looking forward to having a good nose at your blog too.

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