Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week

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Today sees the start of Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week which aims to ensure that mothers to be and parents of Down’s syndrome children have the right information and support.

The campaign ‘Tell it Right, Start it Right’, urges people to go along to their local maternity unit and ask what information they have for parents.  If this seems insufficient, there are guidelines on how to make suggestions for improvements including writing to your local authority. The Down’s Syndrome Association website contains action packs detailing how to do this.

This week culminates in World Down’s Syndrome Day with the annual Shifting Perspectives photographic competition aimed at changing people’s views of Down’s syndrome. From the 17th of until the 28th of March there will be an exhibition of works from previous years at the Oxo tower in London.

Even more exciting is the introduction of My Perspective, encouraging people with Down’s syndrome to take photographs themselves, demonstrating their view of what the world looks like. If you would like to enter, just visit the Down’s Syndrome Association website, and send your photographs off by the 19th of April. And whilst you’re there, don’t forget to stop and read the inspiring stories, and look at the beautiful images, like the one of this gorgeous boy.


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