Dancing on Wheels… The European Championships

Did you watch the last Dancing on Wheels where  James and Caroline finally took to the floor in Israel to represent the UK for the first time in the Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships?

Dancing on Wheels - disability - image - inspiremagazineuk.wordpress.com

Faced with fierce competition from entrants who have been wheelchair dancing their whole lives, the trophy was not to be theirs. But as Brian Fortuna asserted, to have come 15th out of 18 in a competition they have never competed in before is a big deal.

The show also revisited all the contestants reaffirming the positive attitudes that they have taken away from the competition. James plans continue dancing, maybe competing at other levels, Carolyne has joined the gym and gained renewed confidence in her abilities, we saw Paul participate further in sports such as skiing, and it’s given Harry the push to pursue a career in the police force and become more independent.

And as for Di, she has become almost an ambassador for Wheelchair Dancing, hoping to deliver it to the masses. Performing with Mark at school for people with mixed learning and physical disabilities, she also meet with mayor of London Boris Johnson to talk about funding for Wheelchair Dancing to be shown at the 2012 Paralympics.

I hope that this show has not only inspired others to take up the sport, but for someone to step forward and represent the UK again next year. And as Harry capsulated so beautifully, being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean the end of your dancing days.


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  1. Handbags For Less replied:

    I just like the approach you took with this article. It is not typical that you find something so concise and enlightening.

    • lizransome replied:

      Hi, thank you for your comment, the compliment is much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the show.

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