Inspiring Down’s syndorme exhibitions and blogs

If you’re unsure of what to do this weekend, then I have the perfect suggestion. Why not visit the photographic exhibition, Shifting Perspectives at the Oxo Tower in London (until Sunday 28th March), aimed at changing people’s perception of Down’s syndrome.

I popped along today to take a look and I highly recommend the exhibition as a way to give you a shot of inspiration and put a smile on your face.  With a mix of images, annotations and video, I was particularly moved by the wider themes being explored; Down’s syndrome and breastfeeding, and human rights.

Breastfeeding a baby with Down's syndrome - image -

Attempting to break the taboo surrounding breastfeeding a baby with Down’s syndrome, which steams largely from the belief that they are unable to do so, a selection of mothers have posed for intimate portraits of themselves feeding their Down’s syndrome child.

To highlight the importance of human rights, photographs of 12 individuals with Down’s syndrome holding something that symbolises human rights to them, are accompanied by inspiring and touching writings explaining the items; a book symbolising the right to education, a taxi pass for the right to freedom and independence, a staff badge representing the ability to work, an image of an ear for the right to be listened to and valued in the community.

Down's syndrome - image -

If you’re not able to make it this weekend, check out the Local Heart. Global Soul blog with photographs of a similar exhibition. The images are amazing, capturing the innocence and beauty of children with Down’s syndrome.

And if you don’t want your blog surfing to stop here, why not take a look at these other inspirational blogs about Down’s syndrome, all telling individual stories of the experiences they have with the disability; I’m waking up for the first time in years, Ski’ing through life, Enjoying the small things.


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