Alzheimer’s photography

Photographs are a powerful way to convey meaning and emotions on any given subject. So the use of inspirational photography to campaign for various disabilities issues is no surprise. Last week saw the Down’s syndrome photography exhibition and launch of the competition My Perspective. Now it’s the turn of Alzheimer’s campaigners.

Alzheimer’s Disease International recently ran a worldwide photography competition for amateur and professional photographers looking for a moving image that conveyed a message under the title ‘Active life with dementia’ (Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia).

Alzheimer's - image -

Alzheimer's Disease International professional photography competition winner by Andreas Philippides in Cyprus

Alzheimers - image -

Alzheimer's Disease International Amateur photography competition winner by Katherine Leong Peck Fun in Malaysia

With a focus on both raising awareness of Alzheimer’s, and demonstrating how life does continues after a diagnosis, images hope to inspire those with the disease to still live an active life.

In connection to the competition, American photographer Judith Fox opens an exhibition in London (Cork Street Gallery, London) entitled ‘I Still Do; Loving and Living with Alzheimer’s’, showing images of her husband, Dr. Edmund Ackell, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over 10 years ago.

Alzheimers photography exhibition - image -

Alzheimers photography exhibition - image -

The exhibition finishes on the 3rd of April, but if you miss it, you can buy her book which contains a wider selection of images and writings about her and her husband’s experience.

Now you might wonder why I am talking about Alzheimer’s as it’s not an officially registered disability. But on the Inspire blog I want to not only discuss recognised disabilities, but also problems that have disabling effects. Alzheimer’s is one such illnesses with it being one of the largest causes of disability in later life. So whatever yours or a family member or friend’s disability or disabling illness, I hope there is something for everyone on this blog!

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