Autism and a stage play

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Following on from World Autism Awareness Day, tonight saw the first of four episodes of Young, Autistic and Stagestruck where nine youngsters with autism attempt to make a stage play to be performed to their families.

With each member of the group being affected by autism in a different way and to varying degrees, it is a rare glimpse into the challenges they and their families face, and a chance for them to explore new boundaries and independence.

Although not always uplifting – there is a focus on the difficulties faced by those with autism – there is a certain tenderness to the show. And maybe highlighting the issues is no bad thing as the programme opens a window to a world that most of us never see, and thus has been much misunderstood.

I look forward to seeing how the participants progress, the development of their relationships with each other, what they learn from the experience and hopefully what the audience can take away from it.

Tune into Channel 4 next Monday (19th April) at 8pm for the next episode, or catch the first on 4oD.


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  1. Alix replied:

    I saw this wonderful presentation by Temple Grandin the other day about the gifts autistic individuals have given to society. It is truly inspirational and I think helpful to parents of autistic children. Have a look and tell me what you think.

    Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds | Video on

  2. Alix replied:

    The hyperlink was lost. Here it is

    • lizransome replied:

      You are so right Alix, I was hooked listening. Not only is she a great presenter, but her insights into the autistic mind and how this disability needs to be embraced and people encouraged is an eye opener. I really want to see the film about he life too, it’s on my Lovefilm list!

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