Four people with disabilities win Pride of Britain Awards

Last Wednesday night saw the 11th Pride of Britain Awards with a host of celebrities, from c to z list, present awards to Britain’s unsung heroes from all walks of life.

Included in the triumphant winners of the night were four people with disabilities who have fought to overcome and achieve despite adversity. First was Kelsey Trevett, aged 8, who lost both his eyes after battling cancer. He was handed the Child of Courage award by some of the X Factor participants after his determination not to shy away from the activities he loves such as ice skating, abseiling, canoeing, skiing, dancing and swimming – that tiers me out just thinking about it! His mum said ‘he has never to this day said anything negative about what happened.’ And Kelsey’s take on it; ‘Oh well, mum, you can’t always have what you want.’

Pride of Britain Awards - Kelsey Trevett - image -

Scooping the award for Young Fundraiser of the Year was Cameron Small, aged 12, who has the rare blood disorder Evans syndrome. Cameron has been ill since his first birthday and thus spent much of his life in and out of hospital. His experiences spurred him to help others through fundraising. So far he has raised and astonishing £95,000 for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital which will go towards buying new hospital TVs; ‘the thing that makes me happy is seeing other children happy because when people are happy they respond better to treatment.’ said Cameron. He continued his money raising efforts on the show as viewers were asked to donate £5,000 so he could throw a pie in Cheryl Cole’s face, with Simon Cowell adding a further £10,000 to the money pot.

Pride of Britain Awards - Cheryl Cole pie - Cameron Small - image -

PC David Rathband, a policeman who was left blind after being shot by gunman Raul Moat, won the Emergency Services award. Since the attack David has vowed to return to the police force, and even set up the Blue Lamp Foundation for those injured in 999 duties. His wife asserted; ‘his strength of character has absolutely amazed me’.

Pride of Britain awards - Cheryl Cole - PR David Rathband - image -

Alison John has made medical history as the first person in Britain to have had all of her major organs transplanted; her heart, lungs, liver and kidney. Alison was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and was given the Special Recognition award after fighting against her illness to succeed as a doctor. An amazing achievement for anyone, but especially for Alison in light of the fact that it was thought she may not live past the age of 13.

Pride of Britain Awards - Tom Jones - Allison John - image -

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November 18, 2010. Inspiration.

One Comment

  1. Emma MT replied:

    Some people are just incredible. I’d love to have been the one to put a pie in Cheryl Cole’s face… but that’s for another type of blog!!!

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