Disability blog watch – Reflections on Treacher Collins syndrome

Trawl the Internet for just one moment and you will come across a great variety of fantastic disability-related blogs and personal websites. With that in mind, I thought I would start a regular post introducing you to some of the best and most inspiring entries.

I start with the personal website Reflections on Treacher Collins syndrome by Amie. If you read my last post about Jono Lancaster and the documentary Love Me, Love My Face, you’ll know that Treacher Collins syndrome is a condition from birth that distorts the growth of cheekbones.

Amie, who is in her own words ‘your typical, garden-variety human being’, a physician and married with two cats, also has Treacher Collins syndrome.

Her site is a great resource for others who might be struggling with the condition, with a focus on personal achievement and building confidence. It includes valuable links to other inspirational articles that have helped Amie cope with the way people view her and Treacher Collins syndrome. She even has a top ten brilliant reasons why she loves being different. And as the initial page on her site asserts, ‘what matters most is how you see yourself.’

Amie - Treacher Collins syndrome - image - inspiremagazineuk.wordpress.com

If you have an inspiring personal blog or know of one you would like me to feature please contact me at inspiremagazineuk@googlemail.com. Or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Peter replied:

    Fantastic idea for a blog. I look forward to reading all of your reviews.

    • lizransome replied:

      Thank you very much. You can always sign up for email alerts too!

  2. Disability Products replied:

    Thanks a lot for this informative post i like this post thanks a lot for this great information. keep posting and updating the blog. i like it so much….

    Disability Products

  3. Гидравлический вибропогружатель replied:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  4. forex ea reviews replied:

    I’ve meant to post about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. Cheers.

  5. Anon replied:

    There is also a UK based one: http://www.treachercollins.co.uk and also a map which features both Jono and Amie


    • Liz R replied:

      Thank you for the comment and links.

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