Paralysed teenager Lauren Jones is Paralympic hopeful

15-year-old Lauren Jones has climbed the World Wheelchair Tennis Rankings to reach the top 20, and is now also in the top 3 for Great Britain. Even more astonishing is that fact that Lauren only started playing tennis in March last year, after becoming paralysed.

Wheelchair tennis - Lauren Jones - image -

Lauren is now paralysed from the waist down after falling from a tree in June 2009. During her recovery period at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, Lauren used sport, and in particular tennis, to aid her progress.

But her ambitions don’t stop there as she aims to join the Great British Wheelchair Tennis Squad who will compete in the 2012 Paralympics.

Her mother said; We’re absolutely elated and can’t believe how far she’s come so quickly. But for Lauren, she’s not satisfied yet. She feels she’ll be happy when she’s number one.’

Her family is still fund-raising to fund a new wheelchair and home access for Lauren. If you would like to donate, please visit their Just Giving page.

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  1. Emma MT replied:

    Wow, she’s incredible. I have been learning tennis for over a year now and I still can’t serve, volley and let’s face it – return the ball. The fact that Lauren has done so well in such a short space of time is incredible. Go Lauren! You’re bound for lots of gold medals!

  2. wheelchair store replied:

    This is maybe your path of life girl, go for it. Aim high and reach the top, because many also wanted it and it’s one’s in a life time. Cheer up! and don’t lose hope. God is always there.

  3. lily replied:

    i think ur brilliant
    i just showed u round windlesham house school hope u liked it
    and good luck tommorrow

  4. becx radford replied:

    i showed u round my scool wiht my friends!!!
    good luck for your tournaments, you will do gr8!!
    i hope that we do raise the money 2 get u that new chair, it’ll be so so cool!


  5. Becca, aged 17 replied:

    I met lauren in august 2009. She won’t remember, I was in southampton general hospital for all of 10 days recovering from spinal surgery and I barely said boo to her.
    It struck me then how cruel it was that I was born with a defect that they could treat, and all she wanted was a thrill of life, sitting in a tree like all the other kids, and her childhood was over.
    I woke up one night in hospital in pain, practically screaming, and I looked over and she was lying there in agony from her ribs, silently crying. She was and clearly still is amazing, despite it all. I thought life had dealt her a bad hand, I won’t lie. I learnt to walk again at the foot of her bed and she watched me every day.
    But one day when I’m living somewhat contentedly as a poorly paid teacher in some village somewhere, she’ll be out there in the world doing what she loves and making a difference.
    She’s an inspiration, and I’ll remember her forever, congratulations lauren.

  6. holly replied:

    wow Lauren i cant believe this but do you remember mr cannon my sister had him last year. Mr Cannon says you are coming to the school.

  7. rosie replied:

    i realy hope shes doing well

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