Aimee Mullins – I might just be her biggest fan!

Mention Aimee Mullins and I could enthuse about her all day! Aimee is a double amputee who has broken records as an athlete, has modelled and acted, and is now an activist encouraging society to rethink its entrenched views on disability.

Aimee Mullins - Matthew Barney - image -

I’ve blogged before about a talk Aimee delivered on TED discussing adversity and the meaning of the word disabled.

But I recently found this new video named Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs, which was prompted by her experience when presenting to a class of young children about her disability. They had been encouraged not to stare at her or ask about her legs out of politeness. But this was the very nature of what she aimed to achieve, to allow the children to explore what they might not understand, something key to changing the way everyone views disabilities.

After opening up the debate and asking what animal could jump as high as her specially made “cheetah” legs, Aimee ‘went from being a woman that these kids had been trained to see as disabled, to somebody who had potential that their bodies didn’t have yet, somebody that might even be super- abled‘ (Aimee).

Following on from this, a project with Matthew Barney (see image above) encouraged Aimee to think of her legs not as just prosthetics, but works of art, ‘wearable sculpture… A prosthetic limb doesn’t represent the need to replace loss anymore, it can stand as a symbol that the wearer has the power to create whatever it is that they want to create… so people that society once considered to be disabled, can now become the architects of their own identities, and indeed continue to change those identities by designing their bodies from a place of empowerment.’ Oh how I love her!

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January 25, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , . Inspiration.


  1. Alanah Tumber replied:

    Love this post – truely inspirational! x

    • Liz R replied:

      She is an real inspiration. I hope everyone loves her as much as I do!

  2. Vicky replied:

    Aimee Mullins is an inspiriation. People are to quick to come up for reasons why they can’t / wont do something. We should all knock down barriers which we think are stopping us from achieving our goals.

  3. artfashionandhim replied:

    Found her through Alexander McQueen research, she is truly an amazing person! I am happy to see that someone is willing to call people out on this and and she truly embraces her legs as super powers. It is stunning that one woman who has no legs sees herself a superhero! Inspirational!

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