Jono Lancaster is back on our screens in So What If My Baby Is Born Like Me?

Following on from the documentary Love Me, Love My Face featuring Jono LancasterSo What If My Baby Is Born Like Me? is the latest offering from the BBC, and looks at the dilemma parents with hereditary disabilities face when deciding whether to have children.

So What If My Child Looks Like Me- Jono Lancaster - image -

Jono Lancaster, 26, was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a disability that has a 50% chance of being passed on to his children. Having faced hardship as a child, Jono and long-term girlfriend Laura, are unsure of whether to risk passing this disability, and its inherent problems, on to their child.

Trying to decide the right path, the programme sees the couple visit other families having faced this decision, as well as children with Treacher Collins syndrome and adults who have coped through adolescence living with the disability, and are happily out the other side!

Watch on BBC 3 tonight (19th April) at 9pm to learn a little more about this tough decision that so many face.

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  1. Leo Lantigua replied:

    The following web log web site can be exceptionally fascinating. That is very intriguing. It in case,granted us a few ideas and I’ll be placing them on my website soon. I’m bookmarking your web site and I’ll return to their office again. Many thanks!

  2. maree hanson replied:

    well i would just like to say, Jono lancaster who suffers from treacher collin syndrome, is such a wonderful person with a heart of gold, i admire you and your girlfriend Laura, so much,i watched the documentary love me love my face, good luck to the both of you and starting your family to be, i wish you the very best of luck xxx ❤ ❤

  3. Alistair replied:

    Jono, would just like to say that no matter what some Nasty people say about the way you look, all that matters is the way you and your girlfriend feel about each other, i aint great looking but it’s all about being yourself and personality and you have got that my friend, i lost my Best friend 7 years ago and he was disabled, love him an miss him so you just keep going on and doing what your doing cause it’s Great mate, i wish all the best for you and your partner in the future Mate

  4. Grainnemcdonagh replied:

    I think Jono is really amazing and he would make a great dad.

  5. brandon incles replied:

    i think it is amazing what you are doing in our class we are doing a prentation in lesson today about arguments about srenning for burth and i am doing it on you i think your an insperation to all people we watched your progeram in lesson last week and wow you and your girlfriend togetherr are perfect i hope your happy whatever choice you make unity college will stick by you nomatter what we will carry on watching your progrm thank you , brandon incles Unity College burnley xx ❤ 🙂

  6. brandon incles replied:

    soor typing fast i miss spell things lol 🙂 ^^^

  7. Molvia Maddox replied:

    Jono, ignore people who are insulting. You have difficult decisions ahead.

    I have a defective gene that I passed on to my daughter and my ex husband had the same defective gene. Because of this she now has the degenerative disorder Friedreichs Ataxia. It is a bit like Motor Neurones disease so it is not good.

    She has become a wheelchair user; but has been to uni, qualified with a FIRST and now has a job. She has many challenges ahead as her condition is degenerative. However she has made a valuable contribution throughout
    her life.

    Its so difficult isnt it; but look at you, look at Krystie (my daughter), look at people like Prof Stephen Hawking.
    Would our society have missed out if you all were not in it? to the people who know and love you they would say yes.
    To the people you have touched through your story they would likely say yes too.

    Krystie made documentaries for BBC like you. I wrote a book entitled Perfectly Flawed living with genetic illness which is on Amazon.

    I 100 per cent know that Krys is valuable. I have found it hard to bring her up in the sense that I wish she did not have the challenges that she does – but would I rather have never had her – NO, I absolutely love her and she has given so much to our family.

    The thing is – if society begins to screen everything out where will we end up?
    What happens if people have accidents and become disabled, or catch virus’s like menangitus and become disabled.
    The fact is we cannot plan against everything.
    I feel terrible guilt that I passed on half of her defective gene.
    But what does Krystie say?

    She says – mom this is me. I am happy being me. I love my life and cannot imagine it different.
    I wonder how she can say this, because she used to walk and did not suffer any of the challenges that she has.
    But she is adamant that she doesnt wish for change.
    she lives in a family with 4 siblings who do not have any of her challenges and she isnt resentful or jealous.

    each baby is a baby and person in their own right with the potential to add what they wish to this planet.

    There is no right or wrong answer. You two must decide together what works for you.

    If you do go ahead and take what comes – you will have to do the same whatever the outcome, love and care for your child, teach them right from wrong, help them to have the strength of character to stand up for what they believe in. Teach them to have self confidence and the strength to go out in the world to be the best they can be.

    Krystie has achieved, no less than my ‘normal’ kids (infact she is the only 1 so far to get a first), she is happy, she is working and she loves life.

    I wish you all the best in what ever you choose. always stay good to each other and stand with your heads held high x

    Molvia Maddox
    author of Perfectly Flawed – living with genetic illness

  8. Loyse Fothergill replied:

    Such an Inspiration, Wish you all the very best sir!

  9. Ian replied:


  10. Sandra replied:

    I’m a grandmother and I know that Jono and Laura will be great parents. I agree with all Jono says except he is not disrespecting disabled people by taking away heath risks. Every parent has a duty to give his child the best start in life.

  11. Sarah replied:

    I think Jono is a legend he is amazing and so inspiring. i love it how no matter what anyone says or does he doesn’t let anything or anyone get in his way! that is the best way to be. I think he will make a great dad.

  12. Dot Shepherd replied:

    I’m really sorry I have only just watched this programme about Jonno and Laura. Jonno you are a great person and you should never read negative things about yourself. You are a wonderful person and should think about yourself and not beat yourself up about your condition or what other people think about it and you as a person or you and Laura as a couple.GOOD LUCK in all you do x

  13. Emmanuel Moll replied:

    jono , stay what you are and continue your’s way don’t think just do it .

    take care and done the best for your’s family . i wish you the best .


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