Sorry for my absence…

Apologies to anyone who reads this blog, or has happened upon it, for not having updated it recently – since the beginning of September, in fact!

My lack of posting has not been through lack of desire to do so, but because of illness. In September I had two mini strokes, something I have always been at risk of due to a heart condition I was born with, but never experienced before. I thought at the time that I was having a severe migraine, another affliction I suffer from frequently. But after experiencing one symptom not typical of migraines, a ‘ticking’ eye, an MRI scan concluded that I had had two mini strokes.

The main side effect for me was a disturbance in my vision and subsequently my balance. I spent a week in hospital, and a few weeks at my parent’s recuperating, my brain slowly relearning how to function as it had before. Six weeks later, and after a mini heart op related to the strokes, I am thankfully almost completely back to ‘normal’.

This experience has really been distressing at times, but also very humbling. It has shown me the power of the human body; its vulnerability, but also incredible strength and resilience.  Not only that, but it has highlighted to me the importance of human spirit, of perseverance and of positivity. I have been scared, and I have cried tears of unfairness, but I have come out the other side stronger, more appreciative of everything, and reminded of how wonderful the people around me are. So my advice, keep your chin up, your friends. family and your own strength will get you through anything.

November 25, 2011. About me and Inspire.

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