Paralympic tickets go on sale today

To launch the sale of Paralympic 2012 tickets, London yesterday hosted International Paralympic day, a day normally held every two years in Germany.

The event, which took place in Trafalgar Square, showcased an array of Paralympic sports, including wheelchair basketball and tennis, sitting volleyball and powerlifting.

Paralympic day 2012 Trafalgar Square - image -

Hosted by Rick Edwards, Ade Adepitan and Iwan Thomas, there were also appearances from famous Paralypians such as swimmer Ellie Simmonds, and Oscar Pistorius, known as ‘The Blade Runner.’

Boris Johnson and David Cameron, who were there to champion the day, couldn’t resist joining in a few matches! Check out this video I found on Sky News of them taking part in a game of wheelchair tennis.

Tickets for the 2012 Paralympics Games go on sale today (9th September 2011), until 26th September 2011. Visit the official 2012 Paralympics Games website to register.

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